1. Proper and complete online registration is required to bid. Information Provided by bidders to the auctioneer shall be current, complete and accurate. All bidders must be 21 years of age or older to bid. By registering to bid or placing a bid you agree to be bound by all of these Terms & Conditions and any other announced Terms & Conditions of auction or rules of this site.

The Bidder is solely responsible for providing accurate information that will be used to identify you to this online auction system, to deliver notices to you and to allow Dunker Auction Service to contact you. If your contact information changes then you are responsible for updating. Dunker Auction Service will not be responsible for the lost, delayed or misdirected notices in the event you do not update your information and you are still responsible for your obligations. Dunker Auction Service may refuse to provide services to anyone at any time at its sole discretion. You will be suspended or permanently banned from Dunker Auctions site, if you provide false information when registering, such as false name or contact information. You will also be permanently banned from Dunker Auction Service if you are the successful bidder on an online auction and do not honor your auction bid/bids.

2. All items are "SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS and WITH ALL FAULTS"  ALL SALES ARE FINAL! All items should be considered untested unless otherwise noted. There are no returns, exchanges, buybacks or refunds. Bidder waves their right to a charge back and agrees that they will not charge back on any credit/debit card purchases.

3. All items must be paid for in full on Pick-Up Day. No payment or pickup - Dunker Auction Service, LLC may suspend your online bidding privileges indefinitely. Anything not paid for on pick up day hours is considered abandoned and will be disposed of at the discretion of Dunker Auction Service and the bidder may be suspended from our online Auctions.  If you purchase something you will still be responsible to pay Invoice and may not receive your merchandise due to availability.  If extenuating circumstances arises a phone call to 636-390-1804 needs to be received to Dunker Auction prier to the end of scheduled pickup time on day of pickup.

If special arrangements or late pick up is needed other than the scheduled pick up time an additional $25.00 fee will apply.  BEFORE BIDDING ON AUCTION, Call Stacey (636)390-1804 to arrange if needed. (Not all the time can special arrangements be made).

PICK UP INFORMATION: Due to the COVID-19 we at Dunker Auction Service are going to limit the number of buyers in the house/Building at any given time. With this being said we recommend scheduling an appointment for your pick up - SEE LOT #1B  FOR INSTRUCTIONS. This will hopefully ensure a short wait for pick up. If no appointment is made you may have to wait for an opening to get in as scheduled appointments takes precedence   

4. Payment methods CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD, & DISCOVER (NO CHECKS unless arranged prior to bidding) from buyer only. All invoices will be sent out showing a 15%  buyers premium figured off the bidder's total winning amount. At pick up if paying by credit or debit card 3% convenience fee will be charged to all payments. If paying by credit or debit card. Card and driver's license must match.

5. SHIPPING IS OFFERED THRU A 3RD PARTY SHIPPER ONLY Dunker Auction suggest buyer calling the shipper so the shipper can explain shipping cost and you will need to let them know you will need to pick up from Dunker Auction.                                                     

3rd Party Shipper Information: Warrenton Goin Postal 636-456-1853 or warrenton@goinpostal.com If you purchase something and are not approved for shipping you will still need to pay for the purchase and arrange for your own pick up & shipping. Going Postal will only hold the shipping items not paid for 15 days before the package will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of. If marked NO SHIPPING we will not ship & You will still have to pay for the purchase.

6. It is the bidder's responsibility to determine the condition, age, genuineness, value, and any other determinative factor. Description & photos are offered as a guide only. Do not rely solely on photos to make buying decisions. Be sure to read the description and Dunker Auction Service, LLC recommends previewing all items in this auction personally on preview day. Dunker Auction Service, LLC shall not be responsible for such errors as posting wrong photos for an item. If the description does not match the picture in a lot, the description takes precedence. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value. All damages seen at the time of listing have been identified. Common nicks, scratches and wear may not have been called out. 

7. All persons attending the exhibition, auction, sale, or removal of merchandise assume all risk of damage to person or property and specifically release and indemnify Dunker Auction Service, LLC Officers, Sellers, Employees, Agents, Assigns, and dunkerauction.com from any liability.

8. Dunker Auction Service, LLC may add or withdraw any item before or during the auction.

9. Dunker Auction Service, LLC may refuse a buyer's number to anyone for any reason. Bidder agrees to provide any information and identification requested including but not limited to photocopies of drivers license and credit cards.

10. All items must be removed during the defined dates and times of auction pick up. Failure to pick up and pay for items, the items purchased shall be deemed abandoned and the buyer will lose any rights, title, or interest of items. If special arrangements or late pick up is needed other than the scheduled pick up time an additional $25.00 fee will apply. BEFORE BIDDING ON AUCTION, Call Stacey (636)390-1804 to arrange if needed. (Not all the time can special arrangements be made).

11. During the Auction you can check the status of your bid at any time. Note that no bids can be RETRACTED once a bid is made and confirmed.          

12. Bidding is similar to eBay-type auctions we recommend that all bidders put in their maximum bid when placing a bid online. If you place a maximum bid the software will play out the bids as you would be at a live auction and only uses the fund required to beat out the other bidders at prescribed bid increments. If two people place the same bid amount the first bid in wins that amount. 

13. Auction will begin to close at 6:00 PM CST and an item will close every 15 seconds after. The closing time of each lot will be automatically extended an additional 2 minutes whenever a bid is placed within the last 2 minutes of the lot closing.

14. The Auctioneer reserves the right to cancel, suspend, extend, or reschedule an individual item or auction event. The auctioneer reserved the right to make changes to the auction closing times for any reason. 

15. Due to the Auction being online. Server & Software Technical Issues can happen: If for any reason the system goes down technical difficulties related to the server, software or any other online auction-related technologies, Dunker Auction Service, LLC reserves the right to extend bidding, continue the bidding or close the bidding. Neither the company providing the software nor Dunker Auction Service, LLC shall be held responsible for a missed bid or the failure of the software to function properly for any reason